Power Quality Suite

The complete suite of Power Quality Solutions is available to preview and reference on one easy to use website.  Featuring all of our current and future upcoming services the our power quality suite serves as a central resource to enable you to find a power quality solution.

Power Quality Suite

Expert in the measurement and analysis of Power Quality

Power Quality Expert

Our main company website dedicated to power quality surveys and our electrical test equipment range.

Power Quality Health Check

Our online portal and power quality reporting service available through the UK’s leading test equipment distributors, wholesalers and hire companies.

Power Quality Training

Our training website outlining how we can provide courses and seminars on the topic and measurements involved in power quality.

Power Quality Analysers

Dedicated web resource for Sonel power quality analysers, with a knowledge based to reference and free guide to power quality available for download.

Power Quality Health Check Companion App

The Power Quality Health Check companion simplifies the assessment of voltage harmonics and current harmonics at an electrical installation.